Need For Cancer Care In India And The Best Cancer Treatment In Noida

A vast number of Indians fall prey every year to the dreaded disease called cancer. The numbers are shocking as almost 1300 Indian surrender to cancer every day. Instead of declining, the numbers are on the rise every day and is expected to grow by 25% by 2020. These statistics are enough to make the nation worry about its arrangements for the treatment of this disease as it’s becoming one of the main causes of deaths in India. According to the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) International Agency for Research on Cancer, Cancer is bound to claim 9.6 million lives worldwide, amongst which the share of India will be a fearing 8.7%. To change the situation, the government should be focusing on providing the best cancer treatment all over the nation. The facilities for cancer care that exists and are upcoming are not sufficed to deal with the situation. As of now, there are few cancer hospitals in Noida, few in Delhi and some in Mumbai. When it comes to the best treatment, there are best cancer hospitals in Noida with cancer specialists in Noida.

Best Cancer Treatment in Noida

The number of facilities is way too short compared to the number of patients suffering or diagnosed with cancer. One of the main reasons for the increasing number of cancer patients is ignorance and denial. A delayed diagnosis means a delayed treatment, which most of the times turns out to be fatal. Most people switch to a different doctor when the treatment takes a turn towards cancer diagnosis or treatment. The belief that a cancer patient always dies leads to the evasion of treatment because of its aggressive and expensive nature. Early diagnostic and treatment can ultimately lead to a reduction in a number of deaths because of cancer. There are some other problems that exist because of which the percentage of deaths for people diagnosed with cancer is increasing rapidly. Such as –

  • The shortage of proper screening technology, especially in rural areas causes a problem in detecting the symptoms of the disease in more than half of India’s cancer patients.
  • Not awareness about the disease in rural parts of India is one more serious concern.
  • A study conducted in 2015 depicted that there were only 2700 mammograms in India, a screening device for breast cancer.
  • The same study showed that there were only 120 PET-CT scanners, out of which most were in the cities that were Tier-1.
  • Another study of 2014 concluded that 70% of the cases of cancer in India leads to death due to lack of medical resources. The fact that many people don’t seek treatment until the very last stage, where it gets impossible to treat the situation is also one of the leading cause.

Cancer amongst women is growing at a rapidly increasing rate in India. After the U.S. and China, India accounts for the third-highest number of cancer cases in women. Some of the major problems are –

  • Not only the cancer cases but the deaths because of cancer are also increasing rapidly. The primary reason for this is the late diagnose and treatment.
  • According to research, 1200 out of 2000 women diagnosed with cancer every day are in the later stages of cancer.
  • Apart from increasing the cost of the treatment, late detection also reduces the five-year survival rate by 3 to 17 times for breast and cervical cancer.
  • According to the estimation, the cost of treatment is likely to almost double if it’s detected in the later stage.
  • Another issue of concern for women in India is menstrual hygiene. As shocking as it sounds, the truth is till 2018, only 12% of women were using the sanitary pads, eventually leading to infections.

Special cancer care institutions are necessary for the nation for many essential reasons. Misdiagnosis, being one of the main reasons. For example, symptoms of tuberculosis overlap with lung cancer symptoms. If a patient with lung cancer goes for diagnosis. Patient with not so great availability of good healthcare services might be treated with remedies for tuberculosis first as tuberculosis is a very common disease in India before being diagnosed and treated for lung cancer.

Another limitation is the cost of cancer treatment. The medicines and therapy have seen the rapid advancement in the technology such as highly focused radiation therapies, monoclonal antibodies, immunotherapies and many more. The therapies being advanced and everything is expensive for most of the people and will require help in financial terms from government and other organisations.

The government is constantly taking important steps to improve access to healthcare, especially for cancer care. In most of the developed countries, major health care expenses, include cancer treatment are handled by insurance purchased by the patients or are offered by the government itself. Whereas in India, patients are bound to pay for the large expenses themselves most of the times. Recently, the central government started a universal health care programme allowing all the eligible citizens to get free health care including the costly chemotherapy and supportive medications. This programme ought to change the scenario for people with low income as it’ll be easier to get cancer treatment for them.

The utmost need for the balance of the ratio of patients to the number of facilities available for them should be the main concern as obviously better treatment requires better facilities.


Apex Legends: Sniper Shots Being Sent Towards You via Knockdown Shield Bug

Whenever a player appears to be downed in apex legends, they have the provision to get a shield that can safeguard them from the speeding bullets. This provides an excellent opportunity for the team to revive by clearing the area. It is noteworthy to remember that the shield doesn’t last abundantly when it is out, death seems inevitable, preceded by defenselessness. The best thing about the knockdown shield is that it has the potential not just to block the bullets but also ricochet the bullets back to the origin or to the one that is aiming for you. A player that goes by the username dw_supreme on Reddit posted a clip after capturing it that displayed a shield that launches a bullet from the player’s kraber back. The clip here gets played in slow motion, and it showcases a bug that is detected.

Developers Haven’t Spoken On the Issue Yet

This would route out the opposing players, which would be weird when it happens. Moreover, the players have given accounts of situations that were similar to this in the past, which reveals that this has been a persistently occurring theme but not much game interfering or halting as of yet. The developers haven’t spoken on it if it’s a bug or works as intended, but according to players, it seems more of a bug. It is not certain as of yet to see if one’s own bullet could kill oneself; however, one could use this method to verify that condition. Obviously, if one’s own bullets can hurt, then its nothing much of a deal, however, if the bullets are deflected back then it signifies that the shield is functioning. If this turns out to be a bug, then you would be good at keeping a hawk-eye on the board of apex legends trello to check if the bug gets a mention in the future. As for now, you can check if the enemy can kill themselves with bullets of their own.

Robert Williams is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cybersecurity, malware, social engineering, Games, internet and new media. She writes for Ms-Office products at or


An Unusual Glitch Confirms Battle Royale Mode In Call Of Duty

Rumors have been reported related to Activision planning to introduce battle royale mode in the game of call of modern duty warfare. Two logical pillars are in support of this rumor. The first one is the previous year’s black ops 4’s blackout mode turned out to be a massive hit, and it isn’t something that Activision would think of revisiting it. And the second one is that data miners seem to have unearthed the evidence already related to the existence of battle royale. A modern warfare player found heavens in a manner that appears to confirm the arrival of the battle royale. Nateberg3, the Reddit user uploaded a video of him towering over a map that doesn’t exist in the game as of yet. 

To Launch In Early 2020

He was seen loading into a match of Spec Ops at the time when he was transported mysteriously to the newfound area. When all this gets matched with what the data miners came up with the locations turn out to be aligned as expected. It is anticipated that Activision will make this official in the coming near future. The theories that prevail right now suggest that this will be launched in the early part of the year 2020. It will turn out to be supporting about 200 players and will a free to play standalone type. The raven software is expected to work on this, which implies the infinity ward will require focusing on the support for the traditional multiplayer side of the game of modern warfare.Robert Williams is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cybersecurity, malware, social engineering, Games, internet and new media. She writes for Ms-Office products at or


How To Create And Use The Forms In Microsoft Access?

Microsoft Access provides database management that integrates jet database engine with GUI and tools of software development. Microsoft 365 includes access software. If you are facing issues related to using forms in the access database, then you can read the instructions below to implement them in creating and using forms.

Creating the Form in Microsoft

  • You can go the navigation pane and choose the table, then click on the create tab and check for forms group. Further, you can click on the form of the command. You will see that the form has been created. It will be visible in the layout view.
  • For saving the form, you can click on the option of save that appears on the toolbar of quick access. If you get prompted, you can input a name related to the form and then hit ok for saving it.

Adding Fields in the Form

  • Start by choosing the design tab and then locate the group of tools that appears on the right side of the ribbon. Further, you can click on the command of add existing fields.
  • You will see the pane of field list appearing on your screen. For choosing the desired field, you can double click on it. The field will be allocated to the form.
  • This procedure can also be used to add the fields in a form that appears to be completely blank. You can create the form by clicking on the command named blank form on the create tab. Further, you can follow the same steps to introduce the required fields.
  • Adding fields from different tables in the database is also possible from the pane of the field list. You can click on the option of the show all tables. Click on the + icon and double click it.

Creating a Combo Box

  • Start by going to the view of form layout and choose the design tab.
  • Further locate the group of controls and then choose command of the combo box. Choose the combo box desired location. You will see a line appearing indicating the location for the box to be created.

You can easily create a form in Microsoft access application and use them by going through the directions given above.


How to repair MS Office Application when isn’t working?

Repair an MS Office Application

Microsoft office is the go-to choice for several users across the globe. The has been used by millions for decades and has continued to improve over the course of years. There are some issues faced by the users as to how an office application can be repaired when it stops to work. To resolve this issue, you can read the guidelines mentioned below.

Checking If the Office Program Is Activated

  • Issues related to office malfunction occur when the program isn’t activated. Users experience sudden malfunctioning of the software, and the reason for this is often the trial period that has expired.
  • You will require checking the program for its status. You can verify if the office program you are using is activated or not. For this, you can open any application of your choice and then navigate to the File menu and then click on the option of account.
  • Further, you can look into the product information that appears in the right pane. Here you can successfully check if the product is activated or not. If it isn’t, you will need to go to the page of and then log in to your account of Microsoft and enter the activation code.

Repairing the Application of Office

  • You can go to the start tab and navigate to the control panel. Here you click on the options of programs and then open the panel of program and features. Further, you will require selecting a product that is causing issues. You can go through the list of products.
  • When you locate the product, you can click on the application, and then you will see the option of change you can click on it to reveal two options that will appear on your screen named quick repair and online repair.
  • You can click on the option named quick repair if this doesn’t sort the issues you can go for the option of online repair once the repair has completed you can reboot the machine to see if the problem has been resolved or not.

The issues related to can be fixed easily by following these directions.


What Are The Basic Principles of Outlook That Can Help In Saving Time?

Basic Principles of Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a component of and provides provisions for accessing emails and communicating with clients. You can also access other mails from Gmail, for instance, using Microsoft outlook. These are some of the basic principles that can assist you in saving a lot of time. You can read about these principles below.

Bypassing the Emails

Some of the rules in outlook are customizable. With these settings, you will not need opening the emails from the folders specified. These settings and configurations assist a lot as one cannot go through every message that exists in the mailbox.

Processing the Emails

Microsoft Outlook offers great versatility as far as manipulating the mail content is concerned. One can opt to delete or forward or reply to the messages. Also, one can flag the messages easily with the help of the categories option.

Not Creating Many To-Do Lists

In case you have created many to-do lists in your outlook, then you can choose the option of various lists. The commotion created by these several lists is hard to sort out. You can use the various list actually to find out what you need.

Not Filing Emails at Different Places

The manual reduction of these places is possible in outlook. One can go to the settings option for configuring the filing of emails from different places. This will not only ease the burden of finding the content you require but also will help you manage the mails much better.

Using the Option of Categories

The workflow in batches is much preferable; you can achieve this by enabling the option of categories which not only helps you to segregate the tasks but also will save you ample time.

Not Reading the Messages from Various Places

Minimizing the number with inbuilt provisions in outlook is possible. One can classify the related messages that need attention and others which are not based on priority.These are some of the basic principles you can make use of next time you access your mails in outlook. Microsoft includes outlook when you purchase the business edition.