Microsoft Office – It’s Our Future

The package of has become a routine component of our everyday lives. The office is a program that we often use each day to accomplish several tasks. Microsoft provides a new release for the software each year. It contains several apps one can put to use, such as word, excel and PowerPoint. With this software, one can easily create documents and detailed reports. The computing experience is taken up numerous notches up when one uses for their tasks. This is one of those software packages that is extensively used for the daily requirement to be met efficiently. Microsoft has packed in many advanced features in this software that allow the users to use it to their advantage. The editing options are terrific and provide users with the necessary tools to modify and alter the content they create.

MS Office Comprehensive Features and User Interface

More improved features are being worked upon. In the near future, one can expect Microsoft to come with innovative features that not only enhance the user interface but also increase productivity. Microsoft PowerPoint is one such software in that enables users to make great presentations without affecting the relevance of their content. What’s more, is that Microsoft has now added the integrated feature of AI in the tools of PowerPoint, which is an excellent addition in itself. The word software is a comprehensive set of tools that can beautify the reports you are creating by organizing and structuring them according to your preferences. Excel is ideal for maintaining records and creating data for future references. Overall, Microsoft is a great deal for those who want a combo of the software’s in a lucrative and competitive deal.

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How to Download and Install Microsoft Office?

Download and Install Microsoft Office

It is effortless to install the, and all one needs to do is download the software from the web using your browser and install it on your system to start working with the program. You can follow the guidelines to install and download the Microsoft office program.

Steps for Installation of Office on Your PC/Mac

  • You can start by going to using your browser. It can be the browser you are using such as Chrome or Firefox, or even safari. When the page starts to load you can see the text that says hello, let’s get office for you.
  • You will be directed to the sign-in page of the Microsoft account. In case you do not own an account, you can go ahead by creating a new one. If you have the login credentials, then you can use them to log in to the Microsoft account.
  • When the sign-in procedure has been completed, you can go to the next step that involves entering the product key. You can input the key and also choose your country, along with the language.
  • The language, as well as the country, gets selected automatically according to the product key. Further, you can click on the tab named next, this will verify the product key that you have inputted. Later this you will be directed to a page where you will be able to manage the subscriptions.
  • You can also purchase new subscriptions on this page and continue to use the existing ones. Now an option will be available to you for downloading the can click on this option, further which you will be forwarded to the installation page.
  • You can click on the button named install to initiate the downloading process of the When the download has finished, you can navigate to the folder that contains the downloaded file. After this, you can run the setup to install the program onto your computer.

After these steps, you can start or launch the office program to begin working with it on your system.

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The Best Extensions in Microsoft Edge to Block Ads

Best Extensions in Microsoft Edge to Block Ads

Microsoft office is one of the best packages one can get to increase their productivity drastically. The online edition can be accessed in Microsoft edge, which is advertised as the fastest and most efficient browser available in windows. It helps the users to browse effortlessly without experiencing major glitches that hamper the browsing sessions. The popups and ads are many times irrelevant, and there are some powerful extensions capable enough to block them for good which you can use in Microsoft edge.

These Are Some of the Adblocking Extension One Can Use In Microsoft Edge Browser


If you are looking for reliable protection against the ads then this is your go-to option, one can easily block ads that are not relevant to the users including the videos, the unwanted pop-ups can be eliminated.


This is an adblocker that is very Cpu friendly it doesn’t exert too much pressure on the system and helps you to avoid the random ads which can pop up on the screen at any given time while browsing. One can quickly turn off the ad-block facility if not required for some time.


The name itself of the ad blocker is enough; it helps in securing your privacy, it speeds up the websites by removing the unnecessary ads which are of no use to you. It helps to protect your privacy and increases the speed of the browser effectively. The blocking scripts are also taken care of which are known to slow down the performance. Therefore if you are looking to remove the excess clutter, then this is the ideal choice for you.

Adblock plus

This is an excellent choice as it can add the domains which are safe into a list titled non-block list or whitelist. One can easily create filters, and it allows the users to control the appearance of the extension that appears in the toolbar.

Once you have installed one of these potent ad blockers on Microsoft edge, you can use, the online version without interruptions.

Robert Williams is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cybersecurity, malware, social engineering, Games, internet and new media. She writes for Ms-Office products at office 365 or


Easy Steps to Setup the Microsoft Office For Free

Quick Ways to Setup the Microsoft Office

Microsoft office is a praiseworthy software package that has assisted the users and companies in achieving tasks at a brisk pace. The best thing about the software is that it comes with many different reliable tools that Microsoft has provided for years. The package facilitates tools such as word which helps in creating the documents, and the excel is very useful in creating reports, while PowerPoint enables the users to create attractive presentations.

There Are Many Ways to Use the Microsoft Office For Free

Downloading the Apps on Your Android

The office program is available for the users in the app form for their android devices. One can enjoy the same functionality with some improved and devised features, especially for android in the android version of the apps from Microsoft.

Making Use of the Microsoft Office Online

Microsoft has evolved its ways of catering to the world their reliable tools. The most prominent example of this is the availability of the tools in the Office online. One can make use of several apps available in the office online version, which includes PowerPoint, Excel, and calendar, to name a few. Other notable mentions comprise One Note, Sway and One drive.

Accessing the Microsoft from School

If you are a student in a school, then you can access the software from the school premises. You can request your authorities to give you access to the Microsoft Office. This is very beneficial for a student as it doesn’t cost a penny.

Asking For Permissions in the Office Premises

You can easily ask for the office access by persuading your boss, they can grant you the admin privileges for using the software, and this will not be a burden on the pocket as the employees are often allowed to use the resources of the office environment.

Subscription for a Month Trial

This is one of the most preferred forms of free trials as far as Microsoft Office is concerned. Users often make use of the free trial that lasts a month; they download the office 365 version and use the full features that come with the software package.

Microsoft’s package is handy, and there are many ways discussed above through which can access it without spending money.

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Complete Guide for Microsoft Office and Apps

Complete Guide for Microsoft Office

Microsoft office is an impressive package, considering the variety of apps it offers. Users are impressed with new and improved features that come in and Microsoft continues to increase the efficiency of the apps with each release. Several apps are included in this package; the pricing is justified with the amount of variety available to the users. The 365 edition and personal versions provide users with many options. The apps such as word allow the users to make documents and publications along with flyers.

The PowerPoint software helps the users in creating attractive presentations, the excel software assists in creating spreadsheets which facilitate the organizing of data along with storing and manipulation provisions. The one drive allows the users the freedom to store their data online. 

Numerous Microsoft Programs Consolidated In One Package

One note lets them organize their data collection that includes the notes written by hand, and also the screen captures, drawings and clips of audio. The publisher in the package allows creating publications including the menus and posters. The outlook is another useful component in the office program that lets the users make use of the email provision provided by Microsoft. One can also manage the calendars, contacts along with the to-do lists.

The access allows users to analyze their data and capture it from different networks and systems. The apps are efficiently integrated into one package that helps to achieve the computing of tasks seamlessly. 

Microsoft available For Multiple Devices

There are many variants of the office package one can get access to the Mac versions of the package which include the PowerPoint, word, excel and OneNote. The Android edition is very popular among the android users and lets them edit their documents and manage them; the package includes the apps of outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Excel.

The iOS editions also include the same packages that allow iOS users to utilize the programs on their iOS devices. The cloud supports one drive and users can be assured of their files being safe. One can also easily import the contacts to excel from outlook on package effortlessly.

Robert Williams is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cybersecurity, malware, social engineering, Games, internet and new media. She writes for Ms-Office products at office 365 or


Detailed Review with features of Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office Online Review

Microsoft office online is the most preferred form of office alternative as it enables the users to edit and share the files. One can create files the same way they did in conventional as before, such as word processing files or presentation files, to name a few. You must remember that Microsoft online uses the browser and requires you to have an internet connection. You can easily save these files and get quick access from anywhere. There are many benefits of using the online edition of the office program. You do not require software to be downloaded; it opens up each file format that Microsoft office uses often. You will be able to share the files you have created with anyone.

Multiple File Formats Supported

The online editions facilitate an excellent provision in which you can work on a particular file alongside others, which helps to save time and effectively collaborate. Make use of the free templates available in the online edition and enjoy the autosave feature that saves your work. The online version comes with a familiar user interface, as seen in the Microsoft office programs for desktop. The auto spell check feature is pleasing in outlook, one-note, and calendar, not to mention Microsoft word. The formats supported by office online are DOCM, PPTM, XLSM, DOCX, and more. The newer formats are fully supported by the Microsoft office online edition. The desktop variant has a lot in common with the online version.

Identical To the Desktop Version

The overview is pretty similar to what one sees in the office program using their desktop edition. The online edition works like a breeze and introduces the users to a new approach of using the package. It gives them the freedom to use the software without downloading the setup. The offline-online has received plenty of accolades from the users as it has provided easy access to the users who can use the package quickly, and all that is required is internet connectivity. Microsoft is working to fix the minor bugs in online, which will improve the efficiency of the product.

Robert Williams is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cybersecurity, malware, social engineering, Games, internet and new media. She writes for Ms-Office products at office 365 or


How to Use the Microsoft Office on Linux

Microsoft office is a complete package for those who are looking to accomplish the computing-related tasks briskly. The provides various tools such as PowerPoint and Excel, which allow the users to create amazing reports and presentations. The office program comes for different operating systems, which includes Linux. If you have been searching for ways related to the usage of Microsoft Office on Linux, then you have come to the right spot.

 Below Are Some of The Ways You Can Use the Microsoft Office  on Linux

  • Start with opening the browser of your preference and then navigating to the page. After that, go ahead by logging in to the account that appears on the upper corner of the display screen on the right-hand side.
  • This will open a page for signing up if you happen to have an account related to Microsoft, you can continue by logging in with your credentials. In case you do not have an account yet with Microsoft, then you can go for a new one, which does not take much time to accomplish.
  • When you have logged into the account, you will come across the dashboard, which helps in managing the documents you have created before that already exist or the documents and files you are about to create. You can also see the applications and their icons.
  • You can click on the word app, for instance, and it will open the word interface where you can see different templates for the word document. You can choose a blank document that will look similar to it does in the windows operating system.
  • Try out the features of the word, and you will see that it works in the same manner as it does on the other operating systems. It is effortless to access the office each time you sign in to your account. The cloud-based solutions provide an easy way to access the apps to use at any time or place.

Word online overview

The word online provides many features such as the spell checker that is accessible via the menu of review. The layout ribbon of the page provides a formatting alternative for the page size and margin spacing along with indentation. Not only that you can the document preview in the print layout mode.

Excel online overview

Switching between the products is simply by clicking on the grids that appear in the upper corner on the left side. You can get templates that include the budget planners, not only that but a blank spreadsheet creating options. As well along with calendar tools.

PowerPoint online overview

Enjoy adding slides in the same manner you do on the other operating systems. Transitions can be introduced with animations enhancing your presentation. You can also change the styling via the menu of design. And switch the views, add online media such as images and videos.

The various alternative to office

Libre office

You can use LibreOffice if you use ubuntu, it offers some of the versatile features of the such as the macro recording mail merging and pivot tables, to name a few.

WPS office

The WPS office is one of the ideal alternatives to as it comes with a capable word processor and a presentation package that allows you to make lucrative presentations and a spreadsheet package for providing you tools similar to those in Microsoft excel.

Soft maker

You can get basic provisions for editing your documents in Soft Maker which include text maker presentations and plan makers. This is one of the classic versions of office which doesn’t have the most advanced features but will do the job for you.

Google Docs

Google docs are one of the very best alternatives to office. Microsoft has come up with their online versions of the packages. It offers all the best features one can get in Microsoft office.

The package is often used by users on Linux and provides the same functions and accuracy as it does in other platforms of the operating systems.