Making local art go global- Rhea Punjabi

Ms. Rhea Punjabi, along with her husband, Mr.Vinod Punjabi, co-founded Ada in 2005 which today has become the most recognized Chikankari brand all over the world.

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In an industry that is unique to Lucknow city and isn’t replicated anywhere in the world, the women artisans make up to ninety-five percent of the workforce. Despite their exquisite talent for the unique craft and the hard work they put into creating beautiful fabrics and apparel, it’s shocking to learn that it only engages them in employment for no more than six months, making it quite tough to make the ends meet for them and their families.

This is what motivated Ms. Rhea to take up the challenge and work towards ensuring employment for these women artisans around the year.

Ms. Rhea wanted to work towards ensuring that the craft is mapped globally. This was around the same time that the digital space was booming. She shared multiple short videos and images across all social media platforms in an attempt to push awareness about Chikankari craft and how it stands out from other handicrafts in India. Not only this, but she also worked towards actively publishing various articles that were covered by well-established media outlets which enabled her to digitally map the craft globally and enabled Ada to deliver Chikankari products to almost all districts in India and more than eighty countries worldwide.

The spurt in the demand for this craft triggered employment for an increasing number of women artisans round the year and pushed them toward a better living standard.

In 2016, Facebook recognized Ms. Rhea Punjabi, and her work was awarded by Former Uttar Pradesh CM Mr. Akhilesh Yadav, Former Vocational Education, and Skill Development Minister Prof.Abhisekh Mishra, Facebook Country Head Mr. Ritesh Mehta as one of Asia’s most promising Facebook Business Page.



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Coronavirus Myths Busted

As the Coronavirus carry on to impact the world and make the news, a plethora of untruth has surrounded the topic. With a variety of platforms and ways, there’s a lot of information been thrown about COVID-19, the disease caused by the new Coronavirus with news, articles and social media posts. So, it becomes of utmost importance to know what’s true and what’s not in this relentless flood of information as during a significant outbreak,rumours and misinformation can be dangerous.

The new coronavirus, now called SARS-CoV-2, a virus originating in Wuhan, China has spread all over the world except Antarctica.

The World Health Organization (WHO) officially changed the status of this virus from a public health emergency of international concern to a ‘pandemic’ on March 11.

To this date, this family of coronavirus – currently “severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2.” Or SARS-CoV-2, is responsible for over 2.71M infections worldwide, causing more than 191K deaths.

Naturally, people get panicked as soon as the word “pandemic” starts making it to headlines, causing them to become more frightened, and fear bring along misinformation and rumours.

Here are some myths which everyone might have heard at some point or the other. It is important to know what is true and what are the rumours.


1. Spraying alcohol or chlorine on skin kills viruses

No. On the contrary, applying alcohol or chlorine all over the body will only cause harm, especially if it enters the eyes, mouth or inside your body. However, these chemicals can be used to disinfect the outside surfaces, but they shouldn’t be used on the skin. These products cannot kill viruses within the body.

2. Older adults and young people are the only ones at risk.

Just like any other coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, can cling to and infect people of any age. Although, senior citizens or individuals with existing health conditions, such as asthma or diabetes, have more chances to catch the infection and become severely ill.

3. COVID-19 cannot infect Children

Every age group is prone to this virus. However, most cases as of now have been in adults, but children are not safe from it too. Initial evidence shows that children are equally likely to catch the infection although the symptoms tend to be less severe.

4. Everyone with COVID-19 succumbs to the disease

This is completely false. COVID-19 infection proves to be fatal only for a small percentage of people. The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention recently concluded in their reports that 80.9% of COVID-19 cases were mild.

The World Health Organisation also reported that around 80% of people will go through a comparatively mild form of the disease, where special treatment in the hospital won’t be required.

Mild symptoms may consist of cough, fever, sore throat, shortness of breath and tiredness.

5. Pets can spread Coronavirus

To this date, there is very little evidence that COVID-19 can infect cats and dogs. In Hong Kong, however, a Pomeranian was reported to be infected. The owner had COVID-19 as well. The dog did not display any symptoms.

This topic is in debate amongst the scientist as to the importance of this case to the epidemic. But one thing is for sure, the real driver of this outbreak is humans.

6. Hand dryers kill Coronavirus

No, Hand dryers do not kill the coronavirus. Washing your hands with soap and water or some alcohol-based hand rub is the best way of protecting yourself and everyone around you.

7. You must be 10 minutes with someone to catch the virus

It is possible to catch the virus in less than 10 minutes. However, the longer you are with someone who’s infected, the more are the chances of you catching the virus.

8. Washing nose with saline protects against COVID-19

Currently, there is no evidence that rinsing your nose with saline will protect you from the respiratory infections. Scientist have not found out yet that it can reduce the risk of catching the infection.

9. Antibiotics kill coronavirus

No. Antibiotics only kill bacteria, not viruses.

10. Garlic protects against coronaviruses

There is no evidence that garlic can guard people against COVID-19. However, some researches suggest that garlic might be responsible for slowing the growth of some species of bacteria.

These were some myths which were becoming popular amongst people and hence, were essential to be busted. As of now, the only cure is self-care. Follow the safety measure and adhere to the guidelines.

-Keep maintaining social distance

-Keep washing hands frequently

-Stay at home

-Use cleaning sprays and wipes to disinfect everyday use objects.

-Wear a mask or cloth face-covering in pharmacies, stores and other public settings.

The safety measures are simple, but in this pandemic situation, these are the only ways that can make a difference.


How Coronavirus Changed The World

As the world was preparing to celebrate the passing of 2019 and welcoming 2020, just before the toasts and countdowns were to begin, the decade’s most consequential development of all broke the surface. On 31st December, a Chinese Government website declared the detection of a “pneumonia of unknown cause” in the area neighbouring the South China seafood wholesale market in Wuhan, a city consisting of 11 million people.


In the next three months after the announcement about the unknown virus, the world has been plunged into chaos. Soon the virus was determined to be a part of the coronavirus family, an all-new strain named COVID-19. No treatment or cure is discovered yet and after being declared as a pandemic, the virus froze international travel, extinguished economic activities and confined humanity to their homes, infecting more than a million people, with the stats rising every day. Till date, the COVID-19 has claimed more than 95,000 deaths worldwide in less than four months.

But all of this was unimaginable at the end of December when everyone was getting ready to celebrate the New Year with the hopes of making 2020 their year. But 2020 started like something which no one could’ve expected. Let’s take a look at the drastic changes that started happening since the inception of 2020 –

Discovery of a new Coronavirus Strain –

On 8th of January, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) told the world that the cases of pneumonia reported since December in the central Chinese city of Wuhan, could possibly because of a new coronavirus strain.

In December, 59 people were officially diagnosed with the illness, which caused serious respiratory problems. The confirmed cases included multiple employees from a Wuhan market where live animals were sold for food.

Speculation of SARS

The new virus showed symptoms of SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), a coronavirus that causes nearly 800 deaths in 30 countries, originating from Hong Kong and China in 2002-2003.

The first death from the virus was announced on January 11 in China and the epidemic spread across different provinces of the country before reaching beyond the borders of China.

China announces lockdown

In an attempt to contain the spread, China took the radical step of confining its people. Wuhan became the first city to be locked down followed by the whole of Hubei on January 25, restricting 56 million people from the rest of the world.

By the end of January, the WHO declared it to be a global health emergency.

Tourists restrictions

Soon, international airlines started reducing their flights to mainland China and tourists started postponing their vacation plans.

How it all started?

In early February, researchers in China identified the pangolin, a scaly endangered mammal, as the possible link that initiated the spread of the virus from bats to humans.

Li Wenliang, an ophthalmologist in Wuhan succumbed to the disease. The doctor was among a group of people who raised the alarm about the virus in late December but was censored by the authorities in Hubei province.

Although much remained unknown about the new Coronavirus, it got a new name, “COVID-19”.

Economies suppressed  

February 15, the first death was announced outside Asia, in France.

The number of infectious cases rose drastically in Italy, South Korea and Iran, by the end of February.

On March 24, the International Olympic Committee took the historic decision to postpone the Summer Games which were to be held in Tokyo to 2021.

Increasing concern around the world

WHO declared COVID-19 a “pandemic” and asked the world to take action on March 11.

The US began to seal its borders to foreign visitors from Europe.

World stock markets suffered significant losses. Meanwhile, Governments and central banks announced massive aid packages.

The panic grew and long queues started piling up in supermarkets.

Lockdown in Most of the countries

Many countries worldwide followed with different forms of lockdown, as the death toll continued to rise and medical facilities struggled to cope.

By April 2, half of the world’s population was called on or asked by their authorities to stay inside their homes to fight the outbreak.

Flights were grounded, schools and universities closed, and employees were asked to work from home.

Madrid turned an ice rink into a morgue while New York opened emergency field hospitals in Central Park.

The world has not seen such a crisis since 1945

The coronavirus pandemic is said to be the worst global crisis since World War 2, by the UN at the end of March. It has the potential of triggering conflicts around the world and an economic recession “that probably has no parallel in the recent past”

This outbreak has changed the world in numerous unimaginable ways and is still continuing to do so. The death toll is rising every day and so are the number of infected cases. The guidelines are changing every day and nothing is predictable anymore. But with everyone standing together to fight this, better days are sure to come. There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, we just have to make it through.


How to treat your Summer Styles with grace

Summer is Coming.

While many of us have enjoyed the winter season adorning our favourite and best woollen suits, the summers pose a true challenge to our gentleman-styles. Be it the scorching heat or the wrecking humidity, this season can truly turn off our sense of style and fashion, esp. while living in the city. But as long as you have your own checklist of Fashion-Dos, there is nothing you need to worry about, no matter what the season. 

Coming from the best men’s tailor in Delhi, The Darzi Group has put together a list of basic essentials that you can easy follow to be a pro in handling your summer styles with grace. Here’s what you can do:

Choose half-lined jackets which are more breathable and comfortable during hot days. Half-linings become the best option for summer wears, as compared to unlined or fully lined jackets that pose the problems of either complete lack of structure or non-breathability respectively.

The right fabric will always help you stride through with elegance, without being affected by the rigmaroles of the season. Linen, cotton and tropical wool that’s crafted for flexibility during summer, are the best fabrics to pick as they all are epitomes of comfort and breathability, esp. for your shirt.

Colour! Colour! Colour! 

Because summer comfort is defined by the shades you choose as surface for the heat to reflect or absorb. The lighter the shade, the easier it is for heat to reflect off it and keep you naturally cooler. However, for extremely formal events, darker colours emanate a perception of seriousness and importance. But for daily wear, you can choose to loosen up with your choice of colour and prioritize comfort over everything else. 

And to give you suits that epitomise your grace, The Darzi Group, as the best tailor in Delhi for gents has been leading the market with ultra premium menswear both for formal and ethnic styles. And with the best of expertise and international tie ups with renowned brands for fabrics and accessories, you always have a Fashion-Partner to spice up your styles curated to your unique states. Stay “Be-Suited, Be-Spoke(n)”, with Darzi.