McAfee co-operates to bring enhanced database security with AWS to cloud

With this, McAfee aims to make it easier for AWS clients to establish an agreement to examiners and defend critical assets of database

McAfee, the device-to-cloud cybersecurity organization, announced McAfee Database Security for Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), strengthening the relationship of organizations with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and shared assurance to provide cloud-based security solutions. This new product carries all database activity of real-time visibility into virtually, containing local privileged user access and provides the capability to prevent and monitor the sophisticated attacks within the database. This cloud-based security product improves the McAfee’s device-to-cloud strategy by extending it to customer cloud deployments to Amazon RDS and taking a best-in-class database security solution.

As administrations migrate to the cloud for their critical applications, they often have thousands of databases in the cloud. One of the biggest concerns that the client’s have in migrating database workloads to the cloud is involuntarily losing the controls they might have on-premises. McAfee makes it easier for AWS customers to demonstrate obedience to auditors and protect the database of critical assets. With McAfee, individuals can assist from real-time protection for database projects migrated to Amazon RDS while observing databases on-premises, all within the same conception.

We generally hear from our broad client base that they need to fortify their cloud database distributions with strong security outfits, similar to how McAfee has always done with on-premises databases said Anand Ramanathan, the vice president of enterprise yields, McAfee. “By working with AWS, we are helping to facilitate our clients cloud journeys by pairing the security full-blooded of McAfee with Amazon RDS. AWS customers can now gain access to McAfee Database Security to add an extra layer of security and rapidly implement critical workflows.”

We are pleased to see the launch of McAfee Database Security for Amazon RDS, offering enterprises the ability to continue their journey to the cloud with an extra layer of security, said by Sailesh Krishnamurthy, General Manager, MySQL, Aurora, and MariaDB, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “Clients using Amazon RDS will now be able to automate time-consuming tasks so they are free to focus on the availability, performance, and compatibility of their applications.”

McAfee Security Database can be permitted with just a few clicks of Amazon RDS on any occurrence of Amazon Aurora with additional Amazon RDS, PostgreSQL compatibility, and database engines to follow.

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New Security Solutions will be Featured by McAfee to Secure e-wallets

The relentless era of digitization is pushing the entire world toward a cashless economy, which is very effective and comfortable but involves quite a fair share of risks as threats that are online are basically emerging nowadays, and a lot of people are opting for transactions that are online. The demand of digitization that is quite uncontrollable and online transactions gave birth to wallets that are digital, which is quite similar to a personal wallet, but, the only difference is that you do not have to carry it in your own pocket so it basically reduces the risk of theft. However, whenever a brand new technology arises, cybercriminals and hackers intensify their attempts to possibly break in.

That is why it would be a great improvement to know how to make a secure online transaction without any obstructions of unethical activities. The digital world is rapidly expanding at a great pace, spreading like a fire across the world. However, a lot of us are digital immigrants and basically hesitate at the thought of making multiple transactions via digital wallets as it generally involves a considerable risk of fraud.

To keep your digital e-wallets protected from such scams, McAfee Company that employs a quarter of its entire workforce based in Bengaluru which is developing Antivirus software products has basically stepped forward to build a new safety feature. For further information, you can visit

McAfee Corporation unveils plan to introduce e-wallet safety:

Indian has a large population of over 1.3 Billion, which means India has basically the largest number of users of e-wallets in contrast to any other specific country. The growing figure of digital e-wallets in India is quite exaggerating and is basically expanding to economically smaller regions, which is a quite open opportunity for fraudsters and many scammers to trick users out of their complete money. Unfortunately, the incidents of frauds with e-wallet users are usually set in motion and gaining pace with every passing day.

The scale of digital e-wallet users is mammoth and therefore building a safety feature that covers all of them is very a daunting task, said Anand Ramamoorthy, who is the Managing Director of the South Asia branch of McAfee Antivirus. He basically claims that users are troubled with fake applications, fake transactions and a complete set of problems that are exclusive in India. Keeping all these problems in mind, we are building a software program that covers almost each and every aspect of digital security. You can visit for any query.

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Samsung Galaxy latest rendition of note 10 could abolish jacks and buttons

Rumors have swirled around about Samsung taking off the jacks and physical buttons off its latest toy the Samsung galaxy note 10, the elimination of physical buttons is going to geek the smartphone up to a new level whereas the traditionalists are not going to be too enthralled about the shapeshifting. Samsung is interested in bringing something new to the table and this could signal the company’s first manifestation of this concept.

The company is likely to incorporate the capacitive touch that can differentiate the human touch from other forces such as the wind, the use of pressure sensitivity instead of physical button positioning will be responsible for adjusting volume and power-related functions. This concept had been on the minds of the designers at Samsung, but due to conventionality and fear of change they waited for a better moment to materialize it, keeping these innovations in mind, the price of the smartphone could step up sharply, not everyone will be a fan of this feature as they might miss out on several upgrades due to anticipated rise in price. None the less the tech geeks will be delighted with the new shift.

Samsung is aware that they are not the first to use this concept as companies such as apple and OnePlus have already moved on to this platform by getting rid of the headphone jacks and various physical buttons on their smartphones, and this has led to people all over the world to switch to wireless range of headphones and earphones, these have become a lot more reasonably priced, most of the public can access and enjoy the wireless benefits of earphones as there is less risk of tangling the wires and the cable damage. Huawei is another company that has switched to the jack-less and button free smartphones.

The exact reason to eliminate the jacks is not quite clear but Samsung might be coming up with their own version of reasons after launching the brand new galaxy note 10 as to why they have made this choice, there is a blessing in disguise related to this move though as eliminating the headphone jacks and outwardly buttons can significantly improvise the lifespan of battery, maximizing its capacity, this, in turn, would decrease the complexity inside the smartphone inner design and structure.

The removal of external buttons  is intriguing and seems like a great decision, a probable reason for this to happen is a robust structure that looks appealing outwardly resulting in a tough exterior, this has all the ingredients for making the Samsung galaxy note 10 a luxury device, rumors suggest it could come out in two variants with a minimum battery of 3400mah, upright aligned back end cameras will be another great feature, these are only the speculations as we never know what Samsung might decide and come next with.

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Redmi 5 gets MIUI 10.3.1 update along with Android 9 pie

Xiaomi the Chinese electronics corporation has decided to bring for its smartphone Redmi 5, a brand new software upgrade. This peaks your phone to the new MIUI 10.3.1, which uses android 9 pie specifications. Currently, this update is restricted to the home country China but is rumored excessively to be dished out internationally. The changelog is detailed and a variety of added features are introduced for the smartphone.

Some local reports have concluded that the update will facilitate the users with unlocking the apps or device via facial verification. The photo album app will enable the Redmi users to add a watermark on their pictures as they edit, attractive design watermarks have been added. The Xiao-AI has been updated with a voice waking feature, the game quickening has a floating pop up window utility, and there have been progressive improvements in the settings, clock, weather, and calculator. In India, the update is going to arrive soon as the company is aware of its market expansion in the country.

Redmi has made improvements in the past versions of its phone, and these have been reflected in their growth as this year the smartphone has reached a pinnacle image in the public’s brain, Xiaomi is keen to maintain this image, and plans to create an even more exciting range of smartphones that the users can get their hands on.

Key specifications of Redmi note 5

This phone boasts 5.9 inches of a clear display featuring full HD technology, it uses an aspect ratio of 18:9, it also comes with a sturdy glass from corning gorilla that offers a great shield from physical damage to screen. The Redmi note 5 features a Snapdragon 625 processor from Qualcomm as the powering base, it is equipped with a competitive 3GB RAM which comes with 32 GB space for storage purposes. It also has another variant that has 64 GB space for storage and has 4 GB of RAM. The storage can be expanded to a massive 128GB via micro SD chip, it has a comfortable battery life of 4000maH, for selfie fans it has 5 Megapixel lens camera at the front end, and it features a 12 Megapixel camera at the back end

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How to resolve outlook mac error code 3253?

Error 3253 shows the failure of connection to the server which can persist due to various reasons but this lets the individual to receive its emails but disables them to send out emails. This error comes with an error code 3253 along with a message Connection to the server was dropped or failed. The individual needs to fix this issue either themselves or by taking the help of professionals.

Causes of mac error code 3253

There are numerous reasons which can cause this error code 3253 Outlook Mac, some of them are mentioned as follows:

  • The number of emails present in the sent box may be one of the reasons for the disconnection to the server. As a large number of email folders put an extra stress on the client-server communication.
  • It may also persist due to the server settings of the incoming and outgoing server ports which must be verified and corrected.
  • If you are using Outlook 2016 and received this error then you should have to change default port 465 to 587.
  • Incorrect installation of Outlook on client’s device can also be a reason. It can be easily corrected by entering the right information.

To troubleshoot this Error Code 3253

The first approach towards finding out the possible error is to figure out the type of Mac Outlook 2016 account which can be any of them: IMAP, POP3. This can be easily found out from the Account Settings.

As we know that Mac Outlook error 3253 is an issue related to connection to the server, thus when we create a new account with proper server settings. Now we will talk about the steps to create a new account, if the steps are properly carried out by the user, then the chances of getting the error again are very less.

Steps to be followed to create a New Account:

  • Go to applications and have a Right click on MS Outlook and click on Show Package Contents.
  • Go to Contents>> Shared Support>> Outlook Profile Manager; double-click on it.
  • Click on Create a new profile and enter the name of the profile.
    • Click on Add account.
    • Choose the account type – Another email>> IMAP/POP.
    • Enter the account details and click on the option of Add account.

Contact us at Microsoft Office Support team for help

If by following the steps, you are not able to create an account. Don’t get worried; Fell free to contact our Microsoft Office Customer Service Specialists. Our executives are available 24*7 for the help of the clients. We are having a team of skilled professionals who are available 365 days a week.

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Steps to Resolve McAfee Error code 1603

McAfee Error code 1603 is one of the errors that generally persist during the installation time of the Mcafee antivirus. By moving these types of error, may damage your device of Windows Operating System, your Pc or windows may slow down due to the error. Sometimes, the active program window also corrupts or crashes. There are some of the causes which persist due to McAfee Error Code 1603.

Causes of Error 1603

  • Corrupt download or incomplete installation of McAfee Virus Scan software.
  • Corruption or damage in Windows registry from a recent McAfee Virus Scan-related software change i.e. installs or uninstall
  • Virus or malware infection that has corrupted McAfee Virus Scan-related program files or Windows system files.
  • Another program maliciously or mistakenly deleted McAfee Virus Scan-related files.
  • Windows runs sluggishly and responds very slowly to keyboard or mouse input.
  • Your device freezes periodically for some time.

Steps to troubleshoot the McAfee Error Code 1603

To resolve McAfee Error Code 1603 you need to follow the given steps to troubleshoot this error. This type of error generally persists during the time of installation of McAfee Antivirus scan software. To fix these errors follow all the steps described below

Use Windows System Restore to undo all recent changes in the device

Window system restore permits you to go back in time with your device to help in fix your McAfee Error 1603 problems. System Restore can return the files of your device and software/program back to a time when everything is working well. This can really help you troubleshooting issues occurred due to the problem of Error 1603.

  • Go to the Start Button.
  • In the search box button, Type the System Restore word and then click on the Enter button.
  • One notification appears on your screen, click on the option of System Restore.
  • Enter any Password which you can’t forget.
  • Follow all the steps in the Wizard to choose a restore place.
  • Restore your device.

For more help, Contact McAfee customer support Team

By using these steps which are occurred during the installation of McAfee Antivirus. Don’t get hesitated these steps are one of the best solutions for the error, but if you are still facing any error or issue with the Error 1603 you can’t solve your issue then don’t waste your time. You can contact us directly at McAfee customer support team and they can help you instantly because this is the last option to troubleshoot the error 1603. Our executives are available 24*7 for which you can easily get your solution without wasting your money or time.

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iPhone Models May Come with Full-Screen Touch ID-2020

iPhone models in the next year could feature full-screen touch ID among media reports, several modifications. The threesome of high-end 2019 iPhone models would, however, have relatively changes of few designs, beyond all additional rear camera lenses, with production set to ramp up in the July-August time-frame.

Along with the addition of 5G, the smartphone could also have the rear cameras of 3D sensing, OLED screens and full-screen Touch ID from LG, MacRumors reported last week citing Barclay’s analyst.

Barclay’s expert Blaine Curtis and his links have common prospects for both 2019 and 2020 model iPhones following their trip to Asia, where they met with some of the dealers within the supply chain of iPhone maker’s.

For 2019 iPhones- LG develop a subordinate dealer of OLED displays

LG may become a secondary dealer of OLED displays for 2019 iPhones, with a percentage of 10-30 split of orders with Samsung, ahead of Apple transitioning all of its iPhones to OLED as early as 2020, the report added.

According to reports, the 2019 iPhones are likely to sport bigger batteries, frosted glass casing, and a bilateral charging feature that would allow individuals to charge an Apple watch or Airpods by placing them on the back of the device.

iPhone 2020 models may get 5G support, but Apple’s own 5G chips are a very long time away. A recent report had exposed that Apple’s plans of introducing its own iPhone 5G chip could take as long as six years.

In order to decrease its reliance on providers, the iPhone-maker has been scheming a lot of components which would be required to participate superfast 5G connectivity into phones by itself, reported last week CNET.

According to a report by The Information, Apple may not have a home-based 5G modem ready for its iPhones till 2025.

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