New Security Solutions will be Featured by McAfee to Secure e-wallets

The relentless era of digitization is pushing the entire world toward a cashless economy, which is very effective and comfortable but involves quite a fair share of risks as threats that are online are basically emerging nowadays, and a lot of people are opting for transactions that are online. The demand of digitization that is quite uncontrollable and online transactions gave birth to wallets that are digital, which is quite similar to a personal wallet, but, the only difference is that you do not have to carry it in your own pocket so it basically reduces the risk of theft. However, whenever a brand new technology arises, cybercriminals and hackers intensify their attempts to possibly break in.

That is why it would be a great improvement to know how to make a secure online transaction without any obstructions of unethical activities. The digital world is rapidly expanding at a great pace, spreading like a fire across the world. However, a lot of us are digital immigrants and basically hesitate at the thought of making multiple transactions via digital wallets as it generally involves a considerable risk of fraud.

To keep your digital e-wallets protected from such scams, McAfee Company that employs a quarter of its entire workforce based in Bengaluru which is developing Antivirus software products has basically stepped forward to build a new safety feature. For further information, you can visit

McAfee Corporation unveils plan to introduce e-wallet safety:

Indian has a large population of over 1.3 Billion, which means India has basically the largest number of users of e-wallets in contrast to any other specific country. The growing figure of digital e-wallets in India is quite exaggerating and is basically expanding to economically smaller regions, which is a quite open opportunity for fraudsters and many scammers to trick users out of their complete money. Unfortunately, the incidents of frauds with e-wallet users are usually set in motion and gaining pace with every passing day.

The scale of digital e-wallet users is mammoth and therefore building a safety feature that covers all of them is very a daunting task, said Anand Ramamoorthy, who is the Managing Director of the South Asia branch of McAfee Antivirus. He basically claims that users are troubled with fake applications, fake transactions and a complete set of problems that are exclusive in India. Keeping all these problems in mind, we are building a software program that covers almost each and every aspect of digital security. You can visit for any query.

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