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Are you looking for a new printer for your office or home? A good place to start looking for a new device is right online. The Brother HL 4570CDW is certainly careful a speed demon on the market. It is one of the fastest and durable models within the Brother line. Digging into the specifics of this model is attractive impressive. It can print with speeds of up to 30 pages per minute! This is an extremely high output as you will often find models that produce numbers like 17ppm. Not only this it is one of the fastest, but you can load up to 250 pages at a time with its adjustable paper tray.

Brother HL 4570CDW Specifications

  • The Brother HL-4570CDW is a color laser printer and certainly not in the shabby-performance category.
  • It is a great utility to have in the household as a printer and is definitely a nice looking design that gets the job done.
  • The Brother HL 4570CDW is a high-performance machine.
  • It is perfect for something as small as a home business all the way up to workgroups and small businesses.
  • This color laser printer has wireless networking and duplexing which will be able to print business documents quickly.

To reset Brother HL 4570CDW Toner for Your Printer

  • Open the front cover of your Brother HL 4570CDW printer where you can access toner cartridges.
  • Press the Cancel and Secure buttons on the printer panel at the same time to see the toner menus on the screen.

K.TNR-STD will appear on the printer screen

  • Press the + or -in order to navigate the toners you need to reset.

K.TNR-STD   (Black Toner with Standard Capacity) TN115
K.TNR-HC     (Black Toner with High Capacity)
K.TNR-S.HC (Black Toner with Super High Capacity)

C.TNR-STD   (Cyan Toner with Standard Capacity) TN115
C.TNR-HC     (Cyan Toner with High Capacity) TN315
C.TNR-S.HC (Cyan Toner with Super High Capacity)

M.TNR-STD   (Magenta Toner with Standard Capacity) TN115

M.TNR-HC     (Magenta Toner with High Capacity) TN315
M.TNR-S.HC  (Magenta Toner with Super High Capacity)

Y.TNR-STD   (Yellow Toner with Standard Capacity) TN115
Y.TNR-HC     (Yellow Toner with High Capacity)TN315
Y.TNR-S.HC  (Yellow Toner with Super High Capacity)

  • Scroll through and repeat for each toner cartridges colour as necessary.
  • When you choose the proper toner, press OK
    Press “+” or “-“ to “Reset” or “Exit”
    After each selection, “Accepted” will shows up.
  • Now close the cover and the printer is ready to print.

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