Samsung Galaxy latest rendition of note 10 could abolish jacks and buttons

Rumors have swirled around about Samsung taking off the jacks and physical buttons off its latest toy the Samsung galaxy note 10, the elimination of physical buttons is going to geek the smartphone up to a new level whereas the traditionalists are not going to be too enthralled about the shapeshifting. Samsung is interested in bringing something new to the table and this could signal the company’s first manifestation of this concept.

The company is likely to incorporate the capacitive touch that can differentiate the human touch from other forces such as the wind, the use of pressure sensitivity instead of physical button positioning will be responsible for adjusting volume and power-related functions. This concept had been on the minds of the designers at Samsung, but due to conventionality and fear of change they waited for a better moment to materialize it, keeping these innovations in mind, the price of the smartphone could step up sharply, not everyone will be a fan of this feature as they might miss out on several upgrades due to anticipated rise in price. None the less the tech geeks will be delighted with the new shift.

Samsung is aware that they are not the first to use this concept as companies such as apple and OnePlus have already moved on to this platform by getting rid of the headphone jacks and various physical buttons on their smartphones, and this has led to people all over the world to switch to wireless range of headphones and earphones, these have become a lot more reasonably priced, most of the public can access and enjoy the wireless benefits of earphones as there is less risk of tangling the wires and the cable damage. Huawei is another company that has switched to the jack-less and button free smartphones.

The exact reason to eliminate the jacks is not quite clear but Samsung might be coming up with their own version of reasons after launching the brand new galaxy note 10 as to why they have made this choice, there is a blessing in disguise related to this move though as eliminating the headphone jacks and outwardly buttons can significantly improvise the lifespan of battery, maximizing its capacity, this, in turn, would decrease the complexity inside the smartphone inner design and structure.

The removal of external buttons  is intriguing and seems like a great decision, a probable reason for this to happen is a robust structure that looks appealing outwardly resulting in a tough exterior, this has all the ingredients for making the Samsung galaxy note 10 a luxury device, rumors suggest it could come out in two variants with a minimum battery of 3400mah, upright aligned back end cameras will be another great feature, these are only the speculations as we never know what Samsung might decide and come next with.

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